Website Control Panel

Better and Flexible Website Management

Website Control Panel
The control panel of your website will give you access to everything you need to know and do for your business. You do not need any programming skills or need understand code to build and maintain a successful website. The simple control panel features exclusive tutorials that will show you how to complete specific tasks. This easy to navigate interface will transform the way you manage your website; making it easier, faster and less time consuming.


  • Better content manage
    The control panel allows you to make updates to your website easily. You simply login and you will have access to editing the theme, layout, color scheme and design of your website. You will also be able to change categories, posts, the navigation bar, the header and footer. The entire website  can be customized to your desires through the control panel.

  • Flexible theme design
    Themes allow you to have a unique website without having to spend time learning how to build and design a site. You can choose to change the color and design of your theme with just a few clicks. This includes changing the background pattern, fonts, header, footer and more. (no available for Lite Design)

  • Advance SEO settings
    Use your control panel to add Meta descriptions and tags to your website. This is a brief segment where you include keywords and a short description of your pages. This will appear on search engines when your links are placed in the results. The advance SEO settings will allow you to generate even more website traffic.

  • More WYSIWYG editing buttons
    Insert your own graphics, business content, products and more with the use of the WYSIWYG editing buttons. This will help make your website more unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the other costs associated with this program?
  • You choose if you want to host either Monthly or Yearly hosting with us.  This is all taken care of in the order process so everything is upfront – no hidden charges later on.
  • I do not live in the United Kingdom or the United States, can I still run a business?
  • Yes you can! Our websites are fully functional in all countries. We have customers from all over the world in France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Australia, China, New Zealand, India, United States and many more!
  • When will my affiliate website be ready?
  • It is our guarantee that your website will be ready WITHIN 48 hours. Once your registration and payment is finalized our team will then start to setup your website. You will receive an email with all website account info within 48 hours.
  • Will I really make money from this website?
  • Absolutely! Internet marketing is one of the most successful methods of making money today. You will start generating income immediately through sales, pay per click advertising, affiliate products and website advertisements. You can improve your sales be marketing your business online and generating more website traffic. Your website can become a form of residual income with some consistent work on your part.