Affiliate Websites Features

  • The Business Runs On Auto Pilot, Thousands Of Items Updated Every Day Automatically
  • Faster Return On Investment (ROI) Compare To Those Offline Businesses
  • Fully Functional & Pro Designed Affiliate Website, No Technical Knowledge Is Required!
  • User Friendly For Beginner With Integrated Control Panel
  • All Affiliate Websites Are Supported By Amazon Associates, Google AdSense
  • No Shipping Involved, No Inventory Handle, No Customer To Deal With
  • UNLIMITED Customer Support via Email & Submit Ticket System.
  • Free Hosting, Free Domain, Free eBook, Free Affiliate Program Setup


Fully Automated Affiliate Websites

All our affiliate websites are completely automated, ready-to-go and every page is self-updating. We have done all the work for you, the only thing you’ll need to do is bring people to your affiliate website and check to see how much money you’ve earned. Choose a topic from our selection now!

Profitable Income Streams

You could start be a boss with a low cost and work at home. 2 income sources bring you a very huge potential income. When a visitor orders something from your affiliate website, you will earn up to 10% on every sale. Even visitor clicks on any of the ads links or banners from your affiliate website, you can make money without selling anything. You can easily to generate $2,000 income per month just working at home! You will be paid monthly via mailed check or direct deposit into your bank account.

Professionally Designed

Each affiliate website page includes unique range of product categories, with working navigation bars, images and even usable text! Our complete, working affiliate websites are custom-designed by professionals just for your desired type of business. You do not need to know any technical knowledge as we have made it very easy via an integrated control panel. You can start making money today with a fully functional and beautifully designed affiliate website, ready loaded with products.

Integrated Control Panel

All our sites include an integrated control panel that allows you to manage the whole website. The interface is very user friendly – just point and click. You can add new, edit or delete website pages, blog posts, change navigation labels, pictures, products and many more other settings based on your own preference. No red-tape to follow, no permission from upper level!

Reliable Business Partner

Google Adsense and Amazon Associates are 2 well-known online companies that you can trust. Having liaisons with these reliable and responsible partners, not only your reputation is assured but also the guarantee of receiving your payment monthly. You will have no worry about run off partners, and conversely your can have easily accessible affiliate accounts with them to keep track of your income.

Minimal Work Required

Our affiliate websites sell products using Amazon Associates program. They will also process the payment, ship the order, and handle customer service, so you don’t need to do anything when an order is made through your affiliate website! In addition, our affiliate websites display advertising by Google AdSense. When a visitor clicks on one of the ads, you will get paid from Google Adsense for that click. Everything is taken care of and you can work from home promoting your site. Yes, it’s that simple!

24/7 days unlimited support

You may login to our Extensive Knowledge base Support to find out all the information that you need to run your affiliate website. If you have any other doubt which you cannot find solution from our affiliate website, you have absolute freedom to summit your ticket or email to us, our servicing and technical staffs are ready to give you all the help anytime. Plus, we will be with you every step of the way and answer any questions you have at anytime. We will do everything we can for your business success.


  • FREE DOMAIN  (Worth GBP £10.50)- you can register a new domain name for free.
  • FREE AFFILIATE PROGRAM SETUP – we will completely help you setup your affiliate id into your affiliate website for free.

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