Ebay Buyer Instructions

Website Registration Step (For eBay Buyer Only)

Website Registration Step (For eBay Buyer Only)

Once you have completed the payment of eBay bidding price,
please go to http://www.redfirewealth.com/mainn/cart.php?a=add&pid=5 and follow the below step to register your website.

  • Step 1) Create a domain for your website.
Give your website a desired domain name.

  • Option 1: Design your own domain name. Example: www.yourdomainname.co.uk.
  • Option 2: Transfer your domain from another registrar i.e. Godaddy or 123reg.co.uk
  • Option 3: Use your existing domain and use our hosting. Please let us know if you wish to do this.


  • Step 2) Configure – Billing Cycle and Addons
  • Select Billing Cycle for Hosting Plan – Either Yearly (annually) or Monthly
  • Fill in your Ebay User ID and Auction Item ID.
  • Select any Addon Services that you require
  • Then Click “Checkout” button for proceed to the next page.

Note: The total amount in the right side (order summary) has NOT been discounted yet.
– If you choose yearly (annual) hosting subscription, you can enjoy 3 months (in total) for FREE.
– If you choose monthly hosting subscription, you can enjoy first month hosting for FREE.

  • Step 3) Review & Checkout
  • Fill in your personal details and password (or login for existing customer). Note: We will use this info (personal detail) to register your domain name and hosting.
  • Fill In the Promotional Code to get discount:
    reyeardiscount for yearly (get 3 months for free)
    rfmonthdiscount for monthly (get first month for free)
  • Leave us some note or other information (if any)
  • Make sure you have read as well as accepted our terms and conditions.
  • Click the “Complete Order” button to proceed to payment.

Note: Review your order list to make sure all your selections are correct before you click “Complete Order” button. Please make sure you have selected your domain name because if you want to change after we have registered it will cost you an additional £10.50